The Haha Scale


Communicating through text is hard. Apparently, reacting to the stupid things your hilarious friends say is also difficult, because you’ve invented “words” like haha, lol, rofl, and lmao to show when something is funny to you.

On top of the ridiculous words you’ve invented, it’s still impossible to tell when you think one thing is funnier than another thing. Is hahaha more or less funny than lol? More importantly, how badly do you plan to ruin the English language before you’re satisfied? Animals.


This system is designed to give you and your stupid friends a uniform way to communicate your reaction to funny stuff. It’s pretty simple, but you should probably pay attention.

There are only three rules:


ha2 = Lame friend tricks you with an unexpected video.

ha9 = Dumb friend sends you a Kevin Hart clip.

ha5 = Idiot friend forwards a Hillary Clinton GIF.

ha1 = Stupid friend tells a “your mom” joke.


At the end of the day, your friends probably aren’t as funny as you think they are, but at least now we can all be on the same page with our reactions to humor. Please stop loling.


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